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You are online media, press, a production company…? Feel free to contact us for any inquiries like photos, raw videos, interviews, documentaries, or movies…

Thank you very much for your interest.


Arnaud Luguet & Nicolas Derouin, Co-founders

Arkup News


Arkup’s keynote at MIT

MIT hosted a keynote delivered by Husseni, Arkup’s Chief Customer Officer, to industry leaders, faculty, and experts around the theme “Rise of the Blue City” …

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Arkup 40

Orders for Arkup 40 are heating up

Preorders for Arkup 40 is heating up. Configure and Order your Arkup 40. Configure your Arkup in six easy steps at and let’s Arkup! Don’t miss the opportunity to be first to order the Arkup 40 of your dreams…

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