Arkup’s keynote at MIT

Watch Husseni, Arkup Chief Customer Officer, deliver his keynote at MIT to industry leaders, faculty, and experts.

On September 27, 2022, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) hosted a keynote for industry leaders, faculty, and experts in the field of technology and innovation. The keynote speaker was Husseni, Arkup’s Chief Customer Officer.

The theme of the keynote was “Rise of the Blue City” Husseni discussed the current state of living on the water, as well as the potential future impact of sea-level rise on housing. 

Husseni emphasized the importance of collaboration between governments and industry in driving innovation and progress in the field of life on the water as a solution to sea-level rise issues.

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Arkup’s keynote at MIT

MIT hosted a keynote delivered by Husseni, Arkup’s Chief Customer Officer, to industry leaders, faculty, and experts around the theme “Rise of the Blue City” …

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