Floating Island Series

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Arkup Wing

Arkup Wing features 2,560 SF of luxury living space with an ample 1,280 SF roof deck in each Wing unit. Arkup Wing units can be paired outward, back to back, for more privacy and open views that’s ideal for an eco-resort, or inward, face to face, for an integrated social space for family and friends to co-exist. Arkup Wing design also allows for accessorizing your island with floating platforms like a beach, pool or garden to create the desired ambiance.

Config.: 1 or 2 paired Wing units, plus platform
Max living space: 6,180 sqft
Bedrooms: up to 4
Bathrooms: up to 4
Architect: Waterstudio.NL

Go Green

Arkup Wing features Arkup green-tech systems for energy independence. With this optional configuration, the rooftop can be installed completely with solar panels or with a partial solar awning for added livable space.


Arkup has brought our renowned anchor and stabilizing technology to Arkup Wing Island with our motorized retractable columns (spuds). You can choose from 2 or 4 spuds for floating stabilization or lifted off the water. This provides next-level safety, comfort, and stability over the water.

Arkup Modular

Arkup Modular is our next-generation product for the eco-resort industry. Hospitality brands can now develop with a scalable solution that allows for incremental expansion of interconnected Arkup Modular units in a floating resort configuration of their choice. Guests can access their floating bungalow on the island directly from a pier or by boat.

Config.: 1 or multi-interconnected units
Living space: 2,110 sqft per Modular unit
Bedrooms: 2 per Modular unit
Bathrooms: 2 ½ per Modular unit
Architect: Waterstudio.NL

Manufacturing, rethought

Our revolutionary approach to modular manufacturing streamlines assembly, transport, and deployment for optimal cost and logistics. At our Ark Manufacturing facility, we produce prefab modular units that allow us to transport in standard shipping containers and deploy units at your location with minimal effort.

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