Blue Development

Our Vision

At Arkup, we believe that we need to rethink life with and on the water, this means going green and living blue, for the wellness and progress of mankind and our planet.

During these unprecedented times, Arkup Blue Development delivers technological innovation and sustainable solutions as a green alternative to conventional marine projects.

Our Solutions

Blue Development delivers Arkup’s products and expertise for fast-deployment, modular overwater eco-resorts, communities, and islands that scale according to market demands with versatility to deploy, configure, and relocate.

What we provide: sustainable master planning, creative architectural design and engineering, next-generation products.

Our Partner

WATERSTUDIO.NL specializes in architecture, urban planning, and research related to living, working, and recreation on the water. 

While ARKUP specializes in designing and manufacturing next-generation marine products that combine technological innovation and cutting-edge design.

Together we believe that life on the water is an evolution for mankind.

Koen Olthuis & Ankie Stam: Waterstudio.NL

Innovation in Services
Blue Development

Arkup Blue Eco-Resorts

Tourism has to reinvent itself to tackle the impacts of rising sea level and climate change; increasing governmental environmental standards; and the increasing expectations of the customer. Eco-tourism is being embraced by the most exclusive resorts and hotels in the world, who are fueled by an endless search for innovation in sustainability and customer experience.

Our Blue Eco-resorts combine wellness-in-nature with luxury for a quintessential playground on the water that is more economical, environmentally safer, and enjoyable than traditional over the water villas and/or yachts.

Island Resorts
Blue Eco-Resorts
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Arkup Blue Communities

Water is the next frontier for city expansion. By adding water to the available development space in waterfront cities, we can increase density and improve flexibility, which results in a more resilient and sustainable community. 

Whether you have an existing waterfront project for redevelopment and expansion or an entirely new project, we have a solution for you.

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