Ten climate-resilient homes that are facing the realities of global warming

From a hurricane-proof house in Puerto Rico to a floating villa with retractable stilts, we’ve rounded up ten homes that incorporate the climate change-resilience strategies set out in the latest IPCC report.

Published last week, the landmark report from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) found that cities and settlements across the world are largely unprepared to cope with the record heatwaves, floods and storms that have already been brought on by global warming.

As the world moves towards a catastrophic global temperature rise of between two to three degrees Celsius this century, extreme disasters and rising seas could make some regions and small islands completely uninhabitable, the IPCC said.

To protect their inhabitants, the report says homes must be redesigned and retrofitted to incorporate resilient design solutions from green roofs to stilts and wind towers.

Below, we’ve rounded up ten houses that have already adopted some of these strategies.

Arkup 75 by Waterstudio.NL

This electric yacht-cum-villa can be sailed like a boat (top image) or fully raised out of the water using retractable stilts (above) to protect it from hurricanes.

The home functions off-grid thanks to its rooftop solar panels and built-in rainwater harvesting system – features that the architects say will be crucial when it comes to developing entire floating neighborhoods.

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Credit: | Dezeen.com

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