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Nur Ela Mast, Estate Agent at  Fort Lauderdale-based "Florida Luxurious Properties"
Why is Arkup disruptive in the prime property market?
Because it gives you freedom to live anywhere you wish to, unlike real estates which are immovable assets, Arkup travels with you. What a convenient luxury!

How do you see them fit in the South Floridian market? 
I believe, as a “trendsetter.” Everybody wants to live on the water, and everybody wants to have a boat. Having these two together at the same time sounds like a dream come true. And addition to that, how much ocean front land we have on desirables areas that un-owned? I believe Arkup will create more supply to increasing oceanfront house demand.

What would your clients like most about Arkup?
I would say it is the “Sustainability”  that is the ultimate trend, and it’s our future.

Arkup #1 | Comfort & Safety

Thanks to the hydraulic pilings stabilization system
A key feature of the Arkup livable yacht is its sophisticated system for elevating the vessel completely above water level and making it feel as stable as a house on land. The four 40-foot-long hydraulic pilings, or “spuds” in marine terminology, level the floating home and allow stable anchorage in depths of as much as 20 feet. In addition to the added security in rough weather, this system eliminates wave action and, for those affected by it, seasickness.
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Arkup #1 | Luxury & Efficiency

With Esthec high-end deckings and PGTI impact windows
A composite with all the outward features of wood, the look of wood and even the feel of wood. But without any wood.  Esthec is unbreakable, in other words, crack-free, splinter-free and low maintenance. There is no waste created in the production of Esthec Terrace.
PGTI is a premier manufacturer of hurricane resistant windows and doors for residential and commercial structures. CGI’s high performance, and highly aesthetic insulated laminated impact glass with Argon gas and Low-e coating collections offer advanced hurricane protection.

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At Arkup, we believe that the future of coastal life is on the water. For those who love life on the water, the Arkup livable yacht is an ideal choice — sustainable, safe, and incredibly flexible. We partner with private investors and developers to imagine, design and create new possibilities for marina living and the conception of eco-resorts of tomorrow, designed around the mobility, flexibility and sustainability. 
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Arkup - more than a lifestyle

An experience you'll never forget
Arkup livable yachts encompass the best attributes of yachts, floating houses and waterfront villas. Live in comfort and luxury in total autonomy and enjoy life between the sea, the sky and the city. Dock in a marina or anchor in a bay, and cruise silently in waterways, bays or open sea. Make the choice of living ecologically, be self-sufficient with water and power, and feel the satisfaction of minimizing your carbon footprint. 
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