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Retractable Terrace Definitely A Must!   

Among the many innovations onboard, ARKUP 75ft luxury livable yacht also features an amazing sliding terrace: hidden inside the hull while the Arkup is navigating, it unveils 500 square feet of additional continuous outdoor extra space while the vessel is anchored on its spuds ! Get a chance to discover all details on arkup.com and see the video of the smart terrace test in our Miami shipyard.

4 Mayors on Resilience and... a Livable Yacht!

Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce "Resilience Summit 2018" adressed greater information, collaboration and protection of assets. It also showcased Arkup as a key initiative. No less than 4 Mayors including Francis Suarez, Mayor of the City of Miami, shared the floor to express common values and raised awareness on sea-level rise issues. Click here to see video extract of the summit.
Follow the Mayors on Twitter @MiamiMayor (Francis Suarez for Miami) @MayorDanGelber (Miami Beach) @MayorGimenez (Miami Dade County) @mayorbermudez (Doral)

Award Season for Arkup 

Katerva Awards, French Founders Start Up Tour and the French American Chamber of Commerce are the significant awards competitions who selected Arkup in the past months. Shortlisted as finalist for the Katerva Award "Smart City" category, Arkup co-founder Derouin was proud to bring back to his team the FACC Innovation Award 2018 "Art-de-Vivre" Category.  Great experiences create awareness and help understand needs, ideas and interests of our clients: people inspire us! Read press article on blouinartinfo.com.
ARKUP LLC, a Miami based company founded in 2016, pioneers fully solar powered and self-elevating livable yachts. ARKUP offers high-end design combined with a technological edge and strives for excellence, quality and technical innovation to create “future-proof blue dwellings”.
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