September 2020
Own Arkup #1 for only $1,375,000

Exclusive offer with limited shares 
Enjoy Luxury Through Smart Ownership

Arkup Smart Ownership program provides you with a financially savvy solution that is ideal for your active lifestyle. Through the program, you can enjoy all the benefits of ownership for a fraction of the cost and without the hassles of staffing, maintaining, or servicing. Become one of the first in the world to adopt the Arkup lifestyle and experience the way to live on the water better than everyone else.
Arkup Smart Ownership Program

You just want to buy yourself the right to a unique, exclusive, and luxury vacation. Through the fractional ownership, you own your floating villa ¼ of the time, for ¼ of the cost. With Arkup’s management services, fractional owners are free to enjoy themselves without responsibilities. This works similar to a timeshare, but you legally own the vessel and can transfer or sell it. You guarantee your holiday in your own home where you are comfortable with the surroundings on what some say is a lifestyle investment. You can generate additional income by chartering the floating villa when you don’t use it.
1/4 of the time for 1/4 of the price
How It Works

  • Limited to a maximum of 4 fractional owners.
  • $1,375,000 purchase price per 1/4-share.
  • 10-weeks annual usage per 1/4-share.
  • Arkup is fully responsible for the management of the villa including insurance, dockage, maintenance...
  • Arkup assists you with concierge services upon request and to polish schedules between owners if necessary.
  • Flexible calendar with 12 weeks allocated for maintenance and service.
  • The calendar rotates every year to ensure fairness overall and equitable reservation policy.
  • A limited number of fractional owners for the respect of your property, calendar, and privacy.
  • Equally shared between the four fractional owners.
  • Each fractional owner pays $11,000 per quarter.
  • Insurance, registration, dockage, maintenance, and property management.
  • Paid when you and your guests are on board.
  • You pay for your specific requests
  • Captain, crew, moving, stewardess, cleaning, grocery, VIP concierge services...
  • You can generate revenue by chartering the vessel when you don’t use it during your allocated time.
  • Rent the vessel four days per quarter at $2,500 per day and offset your share of recurring operating costs.
  • Shares can be sold by each owner.
  • The floating villa can be sold upon approval of the fractional owners’ majority.
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Brickell, Miami 

Nestled within the peaceful Biscayne Bay Marine Preserve, Vice City Marina is located in the heart of Downtown Miami, just two blocks from Brickell City Center and steps from Miami’s 5-star dining & nightlife. Docked in the front row of this charming marina, the floating villa faces the bay and offers exclusive privacy and breathtaking water views. Arkup is the one and only luxury house on the water in Brickell, centrally located within a 15-minute drive from the Miami International Airport and conveniently connected to Wynwood, the Design District, and South Beach.

Mobile & Off-grid

Arkup #1 is based in Miami, but it is mobile and can be relocated to the Florida Keys, the Bahamas, the Hamptons, or a secluded bay somewhere only you know! Arkup floating villa is the perfect private getaway for you and your family. With no intrusions from the outside world, you can simply relax and reconnect enjoying fun-filled days.
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