April 2020

ARKUP Team hopes that you and your family are well and would like to extend its concerns to those affected by the current situation. We remain confident that together we will come to a solution, which will bring a positive change and everlasting benefits for the way we view our world and our neighbors. 
To those who have already communicated their desire for a waterbased lifestyle, we believe that living sustainably can provide a smaller footprint on our community. It's time to rethink Life on Water. Arkup was designed for life off-the-grid and to ensure freedom under any circumstances. It is the perfect private getaway in a time where social distancing is recommended.

Freedom is the ultimate luxury 

Mobility represents the ultimate sense of freedom during a period of lockdown. Imagine if you could move your house to the most coveted secluded places to be cut off from the world. No need to go to a remote destination! Live off-the-grid aboard Arkup, and remain just a short ride from the city in case of any needs or emergencies. 

Our top priority is the health and well-being of our customers, staff, and associates. Therefore, we are currently offering virtual presentations and tours. To schedule an appointment, please email info@arkup.com (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese).
We wish you and your family to stay healthy and safe!
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Arkup #1 in Vice City Marina - Safe haven in the heart of Brickell
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