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Own an Arkup


Arkup Livable Yachts are more than just sustainable off-the-grid floating houses: when you own an Arkup, you choose freedom and convenience.


Arkup and its partners make your dreams come true. Whether you fly directly from the airport and land on your MUV™ or cruise with your VanDutch Yacht for a great sailing with your friends, easy access to your Arkup anchored in the middle of the bay is guaranteed!


Arkup is a self-propelled villa on the water that allows you to dock in a marina or anchor where ever you choose. You will always be surrounded by the water, which will be your neverending playground to enjoy your new lifestyle.

Welcome to Vice City Marina



Residents have amazing access to the best of Miami from Brickell’s nest restaurants and stores to easy rail and bus service to all of the major Miami attractions. Brickell is only 20 min from the airport, Wynwood, the Design District and South Beach.


Arkup #1 new homebase makes it blend with Brickell skyline. Live in the view on board Arkup #1 at Vice City Marina and enjoy breathtaking panoramic sunrises over the bay. Wake up between sea and sky, take your breakfast in the company of manatees and dolphins, and enjoy the silence to connect with nature. Buy Arkup #1 and be the first and only one to live on the water in the heart of vibrant Brickell. 

Vacation Home - Floating Beach Club - Guest House - Private Getaway - Resort


and propels you into a new lifestyle!

Our partners: off-the-grid alliance combines aspirational life-on-the-water lifestyle concepts with the logistics of transportation.

MUV™ - Marine Utility Vessels


ILandMiami designs, engineers and manufactures innovative landing solutions including Marine Utility Vessels (MUV™). When utilized as a water-based landing site, their vessels can accommodate helicopters up to 7,000k lbs+, seaplanes and eVTOL (flying cars) of the future. They work with 135 charter operators to provide helicopter and seaplane charter services to/from their landing sites. The fully navigable mobile MUV™ can be used with the Arkup, providing a dock, lounge, or hub for marine activities. 

Arkup's Official Yacht Tender


To match our world-class design, VanDutch offers the high-quality luxury and comfort that you would expect from a boat created to enjoy the marine life. The deck and bridge feature retractable cleats, stainless steel swim ladder and large storage chests including for fenders. Our spacious lounge area, sunpads and swim platform on the deck provide ample spaces in which to relax and enjoy the surroundings. 

Together with our partners, we are showcasing the future of sustainable waterbased living and marine innovation.

The website WATERBASEDLIVING.ORG represent marine-based companies and organizations who are passionate about our core capabilities and the waters we operate in.

Our alliance combines aspirational on-the-water lifestyle
concepts with the logistics of transportation, supply provision, and comprehensive support. 


We are creating true mobility through our aeromarine capabilities,making
next generation marine real estate and lifestyles possible. Live off the grid but still have easy access to wherever you want to be. 


Our alliance includes Preferred Partners working across the marine and
aviation industries. We are facilitating living on, working on, and enjoying our  waters; defining the quintessential coastal and  waterbased lifestyle.


We are passionate about the future of Waterbased living and mobility to
support the sustainability and resiliency of cities in the future.  


In order to succeed, we must respect our waters and offset any marine
activity with attention to  and action towards  our water, our environment and our local ecosystems. Collectively, we hold this corporate social responsibility as a core pillar to our  organization.