Livable Yacht

41 ft


16 ft


2,218 sqft

Max Living Space

8.5 kts

Top Speed

Glass house at sea

multi-purpose recreation

ARKUP 40 boasts panoramic 7.5-feet, floor-to-ceiling, impact windows, and a modern interior that integrates you with the water and sky. Each floor plan has been carefully designed to optimize space while maintaining a house-like feel while at sea. We’ve disrupted the yachting world and its confined spaces.

Indoor living space: 660 sqft
Bedrooms: Studio, 1, or 2
Bathrooms: 1 or 2
Ceiling height: 7.5 ft
Luxury Kitchen: Häcker Kitchen w/Miele appliances

sky is the limit

Rooftop Lounge

Imagine a 360° rooftop on the water from sunrise to sunset. Perfect for entertaining, sunbathing, and fun! No yacht can offer this rooftop feel. The standard configuration offers two embedded seating areas. Upgrade your lounge with a nautical decking, summer kitchen, or a hot tub.

Rooftop area: 660 sqft
Embedded seating: 14-person capacity
Solar awning: optional
Optional features available

How will you power your lifestyle?

Power, propulsion & navigation

Arkup’s pioneering green-tech systems make ARKUP 40 Solar-Electric Edition the most affordable, new-age green vessel on the market. ARKUP 40 base model comes in a stationary version, non-propelled and connected to shore power.

Propulsion: electric or none
: up to 8.5 kts
Range: up to 500 NM
Draft: 2′ 6″ 

Flow into the water

Folding decks

Enjoy a seamless indoor and outdoor experience with our folding deck options. Made of polypropylene and utilizing a hydraulic motorized system, these decks are perfect for lounging or sports, like launching your paddle board or jumping into the sea. There is nothing like being connected to the water, and our oversized decks allow you to flow into it.

Quantity: none, 2 or 4 (wrap-around)
Optional: aft deck  
Size: up to 898 sqft 
Maximum capacity: 40 people

Live on the water

Safety & Stabilization

Arkup has brought its renowned anchoring and stabilizing technology to ARKUP 40 with its motorized retractable pilings (spuds). You can choose from a free float with a regular anchoring system, or 4 spuds for complete stability and the ability to lift off the water. This provides next-level safety, comfort, and stability over the water.

Spuds quantity: none or 4 
Spuds material: stainless steel
Spuds length: 22 ft 
Spuds anchoring depth: up to 17 ft 

The Ultimate Leisure Experience

ARKUP 40 Island

Combine up to four ARKUP 40s with different floor plans to create the exclusive floating island of your dreams. The Diamond Island offers a naturally formed pool at the center, while the Star Island provides more privacy and stunning panoramic views from each unit.

Units required: up to 4
Total area: up to 8,472 sq ft
Island config.: star or diamond orientation
Folding decks requirement: wrap-around

Customize your configuration

Additional Options

We have designed additional options for you to personalize ARKUP 40 per your needs. Choose from the following options and make ARKUP your dream liveable yacht to enjoy our unique lifestyle on the water in total comfort and luxury. You can multi-select all options desired in the configurator (scroll down).


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