Arkup 40

Livable Yacht

40 ft


16 ft


Design by


2,380 sqft

Max Living Space

8.5 kts

Top Speed

Glass house at sea

multi-purpose recreation

Arkup 40 boasts panoramic 7.5-feet, floor-to-ceiling, impact windows, and a modern interior that integrates you with the water and sky. Each floor plan has been carefully designed to optimize space while maintaining a house-like feel while at sea. We’ve disrupted the yachting world and its confined spaces.

Indoor living space: 500-640 sqft
Bedrooms: Studio, 1, or 2
Bathrooms: 1 or 2
Ceiling height: 7.5 ft

sky is the limit

Rooftop Lounge

Imagine a 360-degree rooftop on the water from sunrise to sunset. Perfect for entertaining, sunbathing, fun, and freedom! No yacht can offer this true rooftop feel. Customize your space with our three packages, which offer an embedded lounge, half-deck awning, summer kitchen with bbq, minibar, outdoor shower, and hot tub.

Rooftop area: 640 sqft
Embedded lounge
½-deck awning
Helm station

How will you power your lifestyle?

Propulsion & Energy

Arkup’s pioneering green-tech systems make Arkup 40 Solar-Electric Edition the most affordable, new-age green vessel on the market. We also provide a safe and traditional choice with our Diesel Edition. And if Arkup 40 will be stationary (no propulsion needed), then you have that option too, with or without Solar-Electric energy.

Speed: up to 8.5 kts
Range: up to 2,500 NM
Draft: 2 ft

Flow into the water

Folding decks

Enjoy seamless indoors and outdoors with folding decks above the water. They are made with catamaran netting that is perfect for lounging or sports, like launching your paddle board or jumping into the sea. There is nothing like being connected to the water, and our oversized decks allow you to flow into it.

Quantity: none, 1, 2 or 4 (wrap-around) 
Size: 250 sqft per folding deck
Maximum capacity: 30 people per deck

Live on the water

Safety & Stabilization

Arkup has brought our renowned anchor and stabilizing technology to Arkup 40 with our motorized retractable columns (spuds). You can choose from 2 spuds for a free float with no rotation, or 4 spuds for complete stability and the ability to lift off the water. This provides next-level safety, comfort, and stability over the water – a breakthrough for the yacht industry.

Spud quantity: none, 2 or 4 
Spud material: stainless steel
Spud length: 20 ft 
Spud anchor depth: up to 15 ft of water 

Arkup 40

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