Floating Communities and Eco-resorts

We are rethinking floating communities and the resorts of tomorrow


Demand is growing, and Arkup is first to market with an “à la carte” product for the prestigious coastal housing market. Arkup livable yachts transcend the constraints that marinas and other floating communities face. With their hydraulic pilings, the floating homes can occupy waterfront space that is currently unusable by conventional yachts.

At Arkup, we believe that the future of coastal life is on the water. We strive to bring new ideas to marina owners to develop the floating communities of tomorrow. We partner with developers to imagine, design and create new possibilities for expanding their marinas.


Extreme weather events in coastal areas are increasing with climate change. This challenge becomes more real with the arrival of each new natural disaster.

At Arkup, we truly believe there’s a better way to build the resorts of tomorrow; designed around mobility, flexibility and sustainability. The Arkup livable yacht offers a resilient and responsible green alternative.